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Gymkhana Club

Mauritius a golf destination since... 1844 !

2 novembre 2010
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Club House du Gymkhana

For those who do not know, the course of the Gymkhana is the oldest one in the Southern Hemisphere, and the fourth oldest golf course in the world built by the English.

We had the pleasure of playing along with Mr. Roy Chavrimootoo, President of the Golf Federation of Mauritius, who invited us, following the launch conference Golfmaurice.com portal the President has given us the pleasure to attend .

Thinking that this legendary course was strictly limited to club members, the president told us that the access was possible now. A formula with green fee, car and lunch is available for 1500 rupees (about 35 €).

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Le Président de la Fédération de Golf de Maurice, Roy Chavrimootoo et Valéry Beauvillain de Golmaurice.com sur le parcours du Gymkhana

The course is very pleasant to play, a course like all golf with an history ... Understand by this that you’ll have to be precise ! its greens …. ... Small greens. Some holes with some crossing fairways.

Our best advice : use the services of a caddie ! They are also excellent and good players themselves.

The atmosphere is really that of an English club. Small veranda in front of the putting green and the departure of hole 1, bar and comfortable seating, and especially the walls studded with history !

The first plate, which traces the club championships and competitions, started in ... 1905 ! You will also see the image of all naval vessels having arrested and whose officers were playing the course.

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Le mur des armoiries militaires au Club House du MGC !

So for authentic golfers, play the course at Gymkhana during your stay. It is located at Vacoas, center of the island.
Book a tee time with mauritian players. Even sweeter !

More information on www.golfmaurice.com

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