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Iron Golf Tour Mauritius ... Set off on March 24th !

6 février 2013

Did you make sure to book your ticket ? If not, you should get to it as missing this event in Mauritius will leave a bad aftertaste… When you will know that you could not play the 7 18 holes golf courses of Mauritius, the craziest event imaginable for this destination…

So do not loose any more time ! 10 days in Mauritius from March 24th to April 4th ! 7 days of golf and 5 for leisure and enjoying the island, lodged in a hotel on the west coast (La Pirogue), then in another on the east coast (the Long Beach), gala dinners, an awards ceremony, … All of this in a totally relaxed atmosphere. In short, it is everything you need to prepare your 2013 season in the best conditions possible…

Have a look at the “Iron Golf Tour Mauritius” page in our “Events” section.

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