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Mauritius tourism industry looses on of its more emblematic figure...

4 novembre 2011

Mr. Marc Hausser, the CEO of Mauritius hotel Paradis, died during the evening of the 31st of October in a traffic accident.

Golfmaurice.com takes the liberty to report this sad news because, for a good many golfers who played the Paradis golf course also knew Mr. Hausser.

For the record, Mr. Hausser had a very fulfilling career :

  • Managing Director of the Dinarobin hotel until 2009
  • Food & Beverage Manager at the Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaule and of the Hyatt Casablanca
  • Director of Business Development in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
  • During his career in the hotel Paradis, the hotel went through the brand new Clarins Spa opening as well as the new golf academy.

The Golfmaurice.com team wants to express its deepest sympathy towards Mr. Hausser family and relatives.

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