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The team GOLFMAURICE.COM visiting Mauritius

11 octobre 2010

For the official launch of the site golfmaurice.com in November, part of the team visited the various actors of tourism and golf in Mauritius.

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Une arrivée extraordinaire... en bateau par la lagune !

The program : meet the directors of golf courses, interviews, re-discovery of golf courses with players from different levels and club pros to restore a maximum of impressions, feelings ...
But also meeting with the Mauritian Golf Federation and the MTPA, the tourism office in Mauritius which has been promoting for many years Mauritius as the unique golf destination in the world !

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Le practice de l’ile aux cerfs, nous nous lançons !

Forthcoming articles, interviews , videos to show you some of the extraordinary golf courses to play, and that whatever is your level of golf handicap !
For example with a real handicap of 35, 3 pars made on the course of the Deer Island (over 9 holes !) Golf falsely deemed as very elitist ! Impressive indeed, it creates some anxiety especially because of its design, but past his discovery, there is a real pleasure to play !

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Nicolas de Chalain, un obstacle de taille sur le parcours...son bébé !!!
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La pyramide, mieux que le seau de balle...

More information on www.golfmaurice.com

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