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This 12th of September, opens Mauritius’ new airport!

10 September 2013

The new terminal of the international airport in Mauritius is now up and running this 12th of September!

Of course, we all enjoyed the local charm of the airport upon the arrival, which set the touristic and exotic atmosphere… However, when it was time to go back to reality, the lack of premises to eat, to shop, and the lack of comfort came as a black spot at the end of the stay.
The contrast was worsened by the excellent welcome and comfort present in the hotels of the island.

Made out of glass and iron, this new air terminal refers to the traveler’s tree, a tropical tree very well known in Mauritius.

The airport now answers all of the international standards and will surely make the travellers’ life much easier. More registration terminals: 52 today; expansion of the shopping areas: 4.000 square metres for duty-free shops; VIP queue; and even the possibility to receive the new A380!

Sustainable development was the main focus of this new airport.

The concept “Maurice Île Durable”, dear to the Mauritian government, was not put aside: photovoltaic panels, rainwater recovery system, natural lighting of public areas and many gardens and green patios were incorporated in the conception.

The team will be there next 30th of September! We will of course post some pictures for our viewers to see!